FAQ Video

Turning FAQ’s Into Video Can Save You Money
And Enhance Your Patient’s Experience.

FAQ Video

Creating a series of quick and informative FAQ videos is a cost effective way to enhance your patients experience with your brand, as well as answer your patients most common questions or quiet their most common fears. Some common FAQs which are great to answer through video are: with so many whitening products on the market how do I know which one is best for me? I think my wisdom teeth are growing in, what do I do? How frequently should I be having my teeth cleaned? I have a pain in my tooth, am I getting a cavity? Providing concise answers to common questions, with a clear next step, can dramatically enhance a prospect’s online experience with your brand, and can lead to new business.

Crisp Dental knows how to turn even the most complex FAQ questions into simple video-form answers, allowing you to educate current patients and attract new business.


When patient’s don’t know, they call. Save money by answering common questions with video.


Provide simple answers to complex questions, and establish yourself as a source of information.


Increase your catalogue of engaging and sharable content.

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